art something...

art something… focus on contemporary limited edition art made by artists, photographers, illustrators, designers and other creatively thinking people.

art something… curate and produce new art prints as well as actively buy and sell artworks on the secondary market.

art something… offer professional services for creating aesthetically attractive and inspirational interiors with art always in focus - new or secondhand.

We have our office in Stockholm. We collaborate with creative people from many different parts of the world and our aim is to make art work, put some art in everybody's life and disconnect art from anxiety.

Behind art something... are

Stefie Goudaki - Art Historian / Creative Consultant

Stefie Goudaki is Art Historian with a broad working experience in the field of art for more than twenty years since her graduation from the Art History Department at the University of Stockholm. She is interested in contemporary art as well as the historical art production and the way we use it to communicate meaning, values and realities.

Csilla Laluk - Market Developer / Head of Economy

Csilla Laluk is Senior Marketing Consultant with broad experience in marketing communication both in Swedish and in international environments. She has been working in strategic and operative positions with primary focus on customer communication and company management.

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Stefie Goudaki

+46 (0)70 351 0057


Csilla Laluk Settergren

+46 (0)73 066 8834