Freja Linnea Wilhelsson

Freja Linnea Wilhelmsson studied at Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

Freja is a freelancing graphic designer, illustrator and artist located in Stockholm, Sweden. She works within a wide field of illustration, graphic design and fine arts, influenced by language, pop-culture, science and philosophy.

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Patterns of Poetry

Freja´s Bachelor Degree work at Konstfack in 2016.

"There is an intricate pattern to the weaving of words. A feeling of comfort in the rocking rhythms and steady repetitions. There is an image, intangible. I want to touch it."

Patterns of Poetry is a project aiming to explore visual expression with poetry as a starting point. From a formal analysis of five different poems, a grid was developed based on the rhythmic pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in each of the texts. One line in the poem is represented by one line in the grid, and the resulting blocks were consequently colour-coded to mark three different aspects of the text: full rhyme, alliteration and repetition.

The result is a visual representation not of the imagery of the poem, but of the inner workings of its structure.