Winter decoration for Antalis by Kinna Andersson

Edition: Unique

Size(s): 2 sizes (small and big)

Price(s): please contact us for price information

MaterialPremium Paper sponsored by Antalis 
White Gold 250 g on the outside and Sunny green on the inside) 

Technique: Paper Cut

"I wanted to keep my design as clean as possible to let the papers speak for themselves and the geometric shape of the balls helps displaying the shiny properties of the paper from all different directions, both in daylight as well as in the evening. The shimmering exterior creates the illusion that the lantern is lit, and the green surfaces on the inside reinforces this further. The geometric balls are consciously composed in an asymmetrically way to give the design a playful expression. My intention is to bring back the memories from the childhood and the magic in the first sparkling snow" says Kinna Andersson.

This paper sculpture was made as a design project at Brobygrafiska in collaboration with Antalis. The task was to create a sculpture in high quality paper that could be in Antalis storefront to inspire customers. The theme for winter 2016/2017 was "Graphic Winter" with focus on winter, frost and snow. Read more about Brobygrafiska >>