Paper Sculptures / Antalis Storefront by Nina Klose

Edition: Unique

Size(s): 4 sizes

Price(s): please contact us for price information

MaterialPremium Paper sponsored by Antalis

Technique: Paper Cut

Nina Klose about her paper sculptures: "I designed four paper sculptures inspired by the idea of what is possible to do with paper and the theme snow and frost. The four snowballs are in four different colors, two shades of white and two of blue. The patterns represent the beautiful details when you look at frost and snow under a microscope."

This paper sculpture was made as a design project at Brobygrafiska in collaboration with Antalis. The task was to create a sculpture in high quality paper that could be in Antalis storefront to inspire customers. The theme for winter 2016/2017 was "Graphic Winter" with focus on winter, frost and snow. Read more about Brobygrafiska >>