Freja Linnea Wilhelmsson - Jag vill möta by Karin Boye

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Freja Linnea Wilhelmsson - Jag vill möta by Karin Boye

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"Jag vill möta" is based on the text of Karin Boye. and it is part of a project called "Patterns of Poetry".

Freja Wilhelmsson have been interested in language for as long as she can remember. She likes to write and she always look for a rhythm. In poetry, this rhythm is often tangible and reinforced by a structure, by repetitions and by rhymes. In the project "Patterns of Poetry" she is curious about how a poem can be interpreted or translated into various types of visual expression. 

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Freja Linnea Wilhelmsson studied at Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

"There is an intricate pattern to the weaving of words. A feeling of comfort in the rocking rhythms and steady repetitions. There is an image, intangible. I want to touch it. Patterns of Poetry is a project aiming to explore visual expression with poetry as a starting point. The result is a visual representation not of the imagery of the poem, but of the inner workings of its structure." according to the artist Freja Linnea.

Edition: Limited Edition
Material: High Quality Paper
Technique: Digital Print